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Dec 11, 2014 · Off Duty costumes, like uniforms, are items of clothing that you can have your character wear in-game.Although they can be worn anywhere in game, they are not part of the official Starfleet uniform code.. Players are given one extra slot (beside the two uniform slots) for Off-Duty Clothing.

If you mean your off-duty cloths, those are accessed just like your uniform through the Tailor (like on ESD or Q'onos). There is a sections for each costume slot if it is a uniform or an off duty (or casual) outfit. There should aslo be one slot for a fleet if you are in a fleet. Customization & Tailor restrictions in STO – Role-Player’s ... Likewise, it is entirely possible, within the game-engine, to let people put in, for example, upper-torso, as ‘Uniform’ cathegory, and ‘off-duty’ pants into their lower-part. Again, for some arbitrary reason, the developpers don’t let us do this under normal circumstances, and instead, we’re forced into one cathegory, per costume slot. Uniform - Official Star Trek Online Wiki Uniform. Star Trek Online features many different uniforms, spanning all three factions as well as cross-faction uniforms from many species in the Star Trek universe. Your Uniform can be edited on majority of hubs, such as Earth Spacedock, First City, and New Romulus Command. The canon outfits for the Federation are the Odyssey Uniforms. How do I change or alter my uniform/appearance in Star ... If there is not an existing uniform in an outfit slot, you will be prompted to create a uniform or Off-Duty outfit for that slot. If you are the member of a Fleet, you will also have a Fleet Outfit slot.

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Star Trek Online is another one of those free to play MMOs that kind of flies a bit under the radar and keeps on keeping on in spite of what people maybe think. The game is currently in its thirteenth season of storyline content and has grown both in content updates as well as platform variety. Star Trek Online : A Guide to Recruiting Duty Officers «…

There's a bug in the tailor. If you've already used that slot for anything else, uniform, one of the rep armors, anything, it's stuck in that category. You'll have to start out a new slot in the category you want, i.e. off duty, if you want to use the outfits in that category.

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Star Trek Online | Memory Alpha | FANDOM powered by Wikia Star Trek Online entered the closed beta stage on 22 October 2009. ... bank slots, Bridge Officer slots, as well as restrictions on in-game chat, mail, voice chat, .... In 2014's Season 8.5 update, the initial "Tour of Duty" for Starfleet players was ..... The Odyssey and Bortasqu' uniform sets, previously available only through the ... F.A.Q. - Star Trek Online Academy How many uniform slots can I have? How do I change my uniform? ... In Admiral Quinn's office on Earth Space Dock in the Sol system of the Sirius Sector Block. Steam Community :: Guide :: A Beginner's Guide to Playing as the ...